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Dea Kudibal

The brand Dea Kudibal was founded in 2003 with a collection of exclusive scarves and shawls made
from vintage fabrics. Spring 2008 saw the launch of the first Dea Kudibal clothing line with feminine prints,
playful colors and flattering silhouettes as the brands DNA.
As the brand developed, the stretch silk quality has become a signature for Dea Kudibal. The luxury of the quality,
along with the great durability has made the stretch silk an essential part of every collection.
A fascination for the ethnic culture has always been a part of the brands identity,
hence the exclusive materials and refined handmade details such as embroidery and beadings.
The look is sophisticated, luxurious and feminine but still with eye-catching details. The collections give you
the opportunity to create your Dea Kudibal look weather it is feminine, edgy or casual.

One O’clock

De sieraden van one o’clock zijn handgemaakt in een klein atelier in Israël. Stuk voor stuk zijn ze van 8 karaat gouddraad vervaardigd en bewerkt met halfedelstenen, zoetwaterparels of Swarovski Kristal. Ze zijn zowel sierlijk, als stoer en passen bij elke gelegenheid.


We take pride in our designs and we take pride in being a responsible company in the fashion industry. To us, Corporate Responsibility is about taking an open and active stand on how our designs are being produced.


Het! is onderdeel van Hetty Kemper Agenturen. Het! is ontstaan vanuit onze voorliefde voor “Knitwear”.

H E T ! bestaat vooral uit draagbare, truien en vesten in actuele garens en kleuren die zich makkelijk laten combineren met andere collecties. Bij Het! houden we van comfortabele kleding en geloven  we in design volgens het ‘less is more’ principe. Onze garens zijn van superieure kwaliteit waardoor de ogenschijnlijke eenvoud van onze ontwerpen optimaal tot hun recht komen. Het! wordt gekozen door de modebewuste vrouw die zich in haar actieve leven graag casual chique kleedt.

Wij houden van mooie garens en van kwaliteit. In combinatie met onze kennis van de actuele markttrends levert dat elk seizoen een frisse, eigentijdse collectie Het! op, die aansluit bij de modetrends, maar altijd met een twist.

Het! is een collectie die op zichzelf kan staan, maar ook als aanvulling voor modezaken die een nog completer assortiment willen presenteren.

Het! heeft het.


De sieraden van ZAG Bijoux worden ontworpen door de Parisienne Michelle Zuang. Zij vindt haar inspiratie voornamelijk in wereldsteden, zoals: Parijs en New York. De creaties worden uiteindelijk ontworpen in het atelier in de Marais in Parijs

Stainless steel met onverwoestbare platings van zilver, goud of rosé, maakt ZAG een van de beste producten in het Bijoux segment. Mede daarom wordt ZAG ook verkocht bij vele trendjuweliers.


Transmission loves to show you the new Spring – Summer collection! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did designing it.

Transmission: exclusief ontworpen voor de bewuste vrouw. Een leercollectie geïnspireerd op het vrouwelijke silhouet.


Minus has evolved to an innovative fashion and designer brand, creating up-front, yet classic women clothing with an edgy touch. well known for its market leading outerwear, among both the young crowd and the urban fashion minded women, minus continues to break the norms and stand out for its good fits and well-tailored designs.

denmark is the country where it all began. with strong roots in the scandinavian design nest, minus has experienced a rapid expansion through the scandinavian markets. minus is a respected and beloved brand that continues to push the boundaries, both into new geographical markets, as well as expanding the existing lines and developing new product lines. minus creates, produces and market six annual collections including blouses, trousers, dresses and knits, reflected by the seasonal tendencies.

Marc Aurel

Marc Aurel stands for the fashion understanding of today’s woman. Clear lines and loving attention to detail always inspired by the latest international trends. Stylish and always exciting. Four aspects are absolute fashion musts: design, quality, fit and workmanship.

Every material, every stitch and every detail reflect our passion for subtle glamour and individual creativity. This is how we feel, think and work: the entire team behind Marc Aurel.

We are inspired by the women for whom we design our collections, tailored to the last detail to cater to their fascinating personalities: their vibrant elegance and their radiant confidence. We do not change them; we simply enhance their unique beauty every day.

Mos Mosh

Six years ago MOS MOSH was born. The first collection concentrated on jeans and pants – well-fitted, made of high-end fabrics and with a clear visual signature. Quickly the brand grew and expanded the collections with raw and delicate tops, rugged jackets and fine leather garments.

It’s been an amazing journey for MOS MOSH. Women all over the world have embraced the look and the fit of MOS MOSH jeans, and ever since the first collection in 2010 the reputation has grown, and the brand has established itself as a keeper in the scen of today’s fashion as a luxury jeans and tailoring wear. Today MOS MOSH supply some of Europe’s best fashion shops. The approach to design and business is international, and as from the beginning, it’s still all about:



“Authentic styles designed for urban individuals”

SET is a progressive premium brand that stands for a contemporary, urban casual look. The collection’s progressive image is defined by standout pieces and clear statements.

All pieces are easily combinable and exude a casual elegance which is always paired with an edgy sexiness. The brand aspires to the highest quality standards – which is why the collection is largely produced in Europe using European fabrics and yarns. Presenting a premium quality product is the priority in every collection.


Where sophistication meets fashion forward fabrics combined with comfort to form a clean and perfect fit, that’s where you’ll find your next pair of favourite jeans from FIVEUNITS.

FIVEUNITS was founded in 2008. With a passion for great denim, the Copenhagen based brand is fully dedicated to using the latest innovative fabrics to make sophisticated styles. Its not just about being “another original”, but more about standing out from the crowd and keeping a close collaboration with jeans-loving women – because each woman deserves the perfect pair of jeans to complete her everyday outfit. Jeans are the heart of FIVEUNITS and the design philosophy is to create styles that can be worn at any time. It’s for everyone who wants their jeans to fit perfectly, whether you like your jeans as slim as possible or with a touch of comfort! FIVEUNITS produces four annual collections as well as keeping a comprehensive stock service. We put great effort into choosing the right materials and fit for every single pair of jeans. The mission is to make great jeans collections for every woman.


CULTURE is a Danish brand, aimed at the woman with the desire and need for feminine and trendy fashion clothing.

We want to give the woman the opportunity to create her own personal identity through clothing. CULTURE’s style is a time epoch to be experienced. The design is a crunchy mix of delicate qualities, subtle vintage details with a mix of bohemian luxury and a raw and rocked personality.


Dante 6

Dante6 is one of the leading brands in Dutch fashion for the past 5 years.

The journey started in The Netherlands and transformed into an international adventure expanding into 12 countries currently, aiming at a global success story. Designed by Evelyne and her team they transformed their love for high-end qualities and clean silhouettes in to affordable pieces of luxury made for the cosmopolitan woman who is confident in life and combines fashion trends effortlessly with her own unique style. Influenced by the Florentine poët Dante Alighieri who in his work was always chasing ideal beauty, Dante6 aims to do the same with her collection.

Always surprising & always sincere


EsQualo is een Nederlands kledingmerk met een Spaans klinkende naam, haar oorsprong vindt in een klein dorpje in het zuiden van Spanje, waar prachtige kleding en bijzondere tradities hebben geleid tot het woord “EsQualo”.

EsQualo biedt jou de mooiste kleding, unieke items met perfecte comfort. Met onze collecties is het elke ochtend een verwennerij je garderobe in te duiken. Laat je inspireren door de verrassende details en rijke materialen. EsQualo is geen persoon, geen leeftijd, maar gewoon je mooiste blouse. Het haalt het beste uit de vrouw naar boven, een gevoel van geluk, trots en liefde. Voel je op en top vrouw! Ontdek wat bij jouw persoonlijke kledingstijl past.